Since the release of my debut CD “My Introduction“, I have been on a continued quest to write and produce my own music. While working in a fully equipped off site studio offers an amazing amount of opportunity to get the bigger sound, by working in my small and personal studio has afforded me the opportunity to explore the sonic palette and writing of my originals.

Since 2013 I have been working on a series of digital EPS. The first being “Where do we go from here“. An eclectic blend of rock, psychedelic sounds with still that instrumental flavor I had from influences of Jeff Beck and Satriani.

My extensive use of the IK Mulitmedia product line has helped me along the way such as their AmpliTube 3 - King of ToneAmplitude 2 and 3 guitar packagebanner, SVX Ampeg Bass plugin and their T-Racks dynamic processors/compressors. The newest addition, was the need to acquire as best of a sonic environment as I can with the limited amount of equipment that I have. That is where the ARC2 advanced room correction system recently came into play.

My first experience with the IK product line was utilizing the
CSR – Classik Studio Reverb Series

From there the addition of the
T-RackS Classic High-End Mixing & Mastering Suite

What might turn out to be the most critical component was the recent addition of the
ARC2 Acoustic Room Correction System plug-in

Some of my video episodes bringing you a little of the background of how the recording phase all started for me.